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Our Company

Many years of experience

Borduito extra virgin olive oil is produced from secular olive trees located half way between the seaside and the buttresses of Murgia hills in that particular area where olive oil traditions has roots going back several centuries.

Our almonds

Made in Puglia

All almonds produced by Borduito are made in Puglia and stand out for their high quality and their careful processing.


Extra virgin olive oil Jar

During the ripening time modern shaking machines harvest olives which falls in large nets so they never touch the ground. After thatthey are immediately sent to the mill. With this fast sequence, the acidity obtainded is very low.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil e Almonds of Apulia

  • The almond grain comes exclusively from apulian almonds, from trees grown according to tradition, in a natural way. It stands out for its white ivory color and it has a delicate and sweet taste. Particularly versatile in the kitchen, used in sweet and savory dishes.

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  • Borduito_0.5L Olio extravergine di Oliva

    Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian product.

    Our extra virgin olive oil, Made in Puglia is completely cold extracted, using vacuum prayer that allows to save all the electic and olfactive organ characteristics present in a green and healthy harvested olive, with bitter and spicy in harmony, detectors of a high presence of polyphenols.

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  • Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian product.

    Our monocultivar coratina oil with an intense green color, stands out with particular golden reflections. The fruity aroma is enriched by reading notes that refer to the taste of almond, of which this oil takes all the pleasant bitter shades. Then with these
    the slightly spicy colors are blended, a touch of originality suitable for the most refined palates.
    It goes perfectly with legumes cooked in pignata, salads, grilled vegetables and grilled meats

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