Agricola Borduito
Soc. Semplice Agricola
Via Corato, 193 76123 Andria (BT) Italy
Phone: +39 328 478 5806
Fax: +39 0883 542883
VAT number 08104770725
TAX number 90104720728



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The company

Olive tradition

Many years
of experience

Borduito extra virgin olive oil is produced from secular olive trees located half way between the seaside and the buttresses of Murgia hills in that particular area where olive oil traditions has roots going back several centuries.

The Gold of Our Earth

Excellent taste

The most important characteristic of our extra virgin olive oil is the rate of acidity near 0,3 degrees and also peroxides who are exptionally low. Other considerable characteristics are deep green colour, intense fragrance and fresh olive taste. Flavours make tis oil an extremely tasty dressing as well as a healty solution.