Agricola Borduito
Soc. Semplice Agricola
Via Corato, 193 76123 Andria (BT) Italy
Phone: +39 328 478 5806
Fax: +39 0883 542883
VAT number 08104770725
TAX number 90104720728



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  • Shelled Almonds, 100% product of Italy

    200 pcs – 8 EXHIBITORS WITH 25 SACHETS

    Nourishing and enrgizing, the puglia borduito almonds are an ideal snack for every moment of the day.
    The 25 g format is ideal to always take with you to break the hunger with a healthy snack. Almonds are an exhaustible source of health, they are also noted to improve mood by increasing the serotonin level. Almonds contain natural proteins, ideal for those who need energy.

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