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Extra virgin olive oil

quality and respect for tradition

Proudly Made in Puglia

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, harvested and processed entirely in Puglia, is cold extracted using the vacuum processing technique which allows us to safeguard all the organoleptic and olfactory characteristics present in a green and healthy harvested olive, with bitter and spicy in harmony, detectors of a high presence of polyphenols.

scent and fragrance

Borduito Extra virgin olive oil

During the ripening time modern shaking machines harvest olives which falls in large nets so they never touch the ground. After that they are immediately sent to the mill. With this fast sequence, the acidity obtainded is very low.

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Organoleptic characteristics

The processing takes place with a cold extraction system within 48 hours of harvesting in order to obtain very low acidity (which is around 0.3 degrees) and low peroxide content, thus enhancing the typical aroma and fragrance of the oil obtained from the prized variety coratina. These characteristics are difficult to find in other types of oil of various origins, both Italian and foreign.
An oil with these organoleptic characteristics as well as characterized by an intense green color - so unique in the category - is aimed at customers with a refined palate capable of appreciating the classic intense fruity aftertaste typical of our product.

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