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Shelled Almonds


Shelled apulian almonds are characterized by an intense and decided taste. Their fragrance and their properties can be guaranteed longer through correct storage. Almond is a seed and seems to contain all the energy of the sun that made it mature. Natural, healthy and energizing, the almond also pampers our greedy taste buds. Nutritionists recommend constant and moderate consumption.

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Nutritional declaration. Avarage nutritional values for 100gr of product
Energy: 2.615 Kj 634 Kcal;
Fats: 56,7g of witch 9,5g of fat acids;
Carbohdrates: 1,8g of witch 1,8g of sugars;
Fibers: 14,2g
Protein: 21,9g
Salt: 0g

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